EP070 – We All Have Jobs

Click the pic to get to the show. Brought to you by Ivan’s Premium Canned Vodka. Ivans: “Vodka in Cans.”

The boys crack open a couple of cold Ivan’s and reminisce about good Star Wars, bad PPVs, and sexy white tigers.

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6:00 – Wrestlin’ Wrundown (Survivor Series 2015)

21:09 – Talkin’ Bout Films (Genndy Tartakovsky’s Clone Wars)

35:52 – Comics off the Internet (The Goddamned #1, Vader Down #1, Huck #1,Monstress #1)

EP 069 – Jar Jar Binks CANNOT Die


Click the pic and hear the things in your ears.

This week on a very sexy Hell to Breakcast, Brendan finds out he doesn’t like Brian K. Vaughan, Ryan finds out he doesn’t like flat-chested brunettes, and Kyle finds out he doesn’t like Ryan.

Ryan watches an anime that is unapologetically a lewd, crude, rude pre-chewed bag of food, dude. Also, Fallout 4 talk!


6:54 – Talkin’ Bout Films (Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones)

21:52 – Comics on/off the Internet (Brian K. Vaughan’s The Private Eye, Vol. 1)

33:34 – Grab Bag (Fallout 4, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt)

Comic Process Blog!

So I’ve been working on a new comic for a while now (which you may have known).  It doesn’t have a title yet (which I should really work on), but it’s coming out on Christmas and it’s about skateboards n’ junk.

Anyways, I’m gonna post of bunch of my sketchbook so you can take an inside look at my horrible, messy process.  Stay tuned!

EP068 – I’m So Triggered

Click the pic to hear us rag on the Irish.

The gang hits the studio for a wee bit o’ th’ craic, and everybody gets a little racist. Ryan gets his Irish up while drinking peppermint vodka through a straw.

The cast of Antz is welcomed back to the stage of history.

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4:57 – Comics off the Internet (Bedlam)

17:56 – Talkin’ Bout Films (Grabbers)

25:47 – Anime Bullsh*t (Terra Formars)

36:48 – We Play Games We Go Hard (Cloudbuilt, Indivisible)

EP067 – How Does Your Butt Work?

Just click th- oh GOD, I’m so sorry… There is no forgiveness. There is no god. Not in this world…

The boys take on a bonafide pant-load in the second Week of Crap! Brendan and Kyle both reminisce about their amazing collection of Star Wars memorabilia, while Pac-Man is outed as a horrible pervert.

Ryan is too, but everybody already knew—PIG! No matter.


3:35 – Talkin’ Bout Films (Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)

19:59 – We Play Games We Go Hard (Sonic Adventure 2 Battle)

35:36 – Kyle and Ryan’s Kawaii Korner ft. Bren-pai (Sherlock Hound, Eyeshield 21, The Seven Deadly Sins)

49:34 – Crap Bag (Pac-man 2: The New Adventures, Resident Evil film series)

EP 066 – Nards, and the Wolfmen Who Have Them

The last week of spooks and spoops. Click it or ticket!

The Hell to Breakfast Society is once more called to order, to discuss the campiest offerings that Spooktoberfest has to offer. Ryan either doesn’t like anything, or else likes everything too much, while Kyle just wants him to shut the fuck UP.

Brendan comes clean about his terrible fart porn.

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3:52 – Wrestlin’ Wrundown (Hell in a Cell 2015)

12:03 – Talkin’ Bout Films (The Monster Squad)

22:00 – Talkin’ Bout Films (Evil Dead II)

28:29 – Comics on/off the Internet (Phil)

40:15 – Grab Bag (Evil Dead: The Musical, Junji Ito’s Gyo)

EP 065 – The Lie-Cast

Click the pic to get to the lies.


Bangumi de konshū wa, gyangu wa, osoraku teikitekini-sei no, ikita tako o shōhi bunka o kowagara seru koto ga dekiru mono o sanshō suru tame ni, raijingusan no tochi ni, azuma ni idō shimasu. Arubetuski wa kādogēmu de kan’ningu shi tsudzukete iru ma Raian wa, wannaboo-desu to shite outedmasu.

Dare mo kare no hi ga okotte iru ka Kairu ni kii te ki ni shimasen.


6:09 – Talkin’ Bout Films (Ringu)
22:06 – Comics off the Internet (Junji Ito’s Uzumaki)
34:27 – We Play Games We Go Hard (Yomi: The Fighting Card Game)
41:59 – Grab Bag (Bayonetta, Junji Ito’s Gyo)

EP 064 – Don’t F**k Paul

Oh no, the spooks are back. Click the pic to get the show!


The gang gets in the studio to talk about all the things they would do with boxes if they weren”t all virgins. Ryan’s takeover of the program continues, in what can only be described as “Third Reich-esque.”

Everyone continues to indulge Albetski in his footie pajama fetish.


5:54 – Wrasslin’ Wrundown (NXT: RESPECT)

22:03 – Comics on the Internet (Ryan Andrews’ The Tunnel, Emily Carrol’s The Groom)

31:28 – Talkin’ Bout Films (It Follows)

51:41 – We Play Games We Go Hard (Transformers: Devastation)

56:55 – We Play Games We Go Hard (Undertale)

EP 063 – Even Monsters Know Third Base Doesn’t Count

Click the spooky link to get to the spooky show. Spoopy.

The gang gets back in the studio for the first week of Spooktoberfest II: The One With the Ghost Whales. Brendan comes up with a rating system that is somehow worse than the Hell to Breakfast Starz in their EyezTM rating system.

Stacy isn’t returning ANY of Scout Master Steve’s phone calls.


5:57 – Wrestlin’ Wrundown (Monday Night RAW)

13:24 – Talkin’ Bout Films (Ridley Scott’s The Martian)

28:03 – Comics off the Internet (Scott Snyder’s Severed)

36:42 – Talkin’ Bout Films (John Carpenter’s The Thing)