EP 058 – Coots. Coots EVERYWHERE.

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The boys get back in the studio after a long week of sleeping with your mom to talk about whatever they damn well feel like. Ryan can’t remember Krom Stronkbomb’s name, while Brendan can’t prove that he still makes comics.

Kyle needs an anime-tervention.


5:46 – Wrasslin’ Wrundown (WWE RAW: Summerslam Fallout Show)

9:24 – Talkin’ Bout Films (First Blood)

22:41 – Making Comics (Working From Another Person’s Script)

27:08 – Comics on the Internet (Stand Still. Stay Silent.)

33:14 – Grab Bag (Diablo 3 Patch 2.3, Hajime no Ippo Season 2, Warren Ellis’ ELEKTROGRAD, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Mr. Cool Ice)

EP 057 – How Much Time IS There?

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The boys talk about some wrestling PPVs that almost all of them watched almost all the way through. No one can agree on whether the comic with the big oiled up gladiator super hero is ironic or not.

Ryan calls out the French for their bad taste in manga.


3:56 – Wrasslin’ Wrundown (WWE Summerslam 2015)
22:35 – Wrasslin’ Wrundown (NXT Takeover: Brooklyn)
36:23 – Comics Off the Internet (Flex Mentalo: Man of Muscle Mystery)
47:17 – Grab Bag (Velocity 2X, Fallout 3, Bloodborne, Terraformars, The Drops of God Vol. 1)

EP 056 – Thanks, Lolthbama

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The boys are back in town, and they did some things…and some stuff. Brendan and Ryan don’t remember what it means to be 13. Kyle won’t stop looking at his phone.

No one is mentioning what happened to the dog.


9:54 Grab Bag (Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: Stardust Crusaders, Summerlands EP (M. Roosevelt), Fallout Shelter (for iOS and Android))
22:09 Comics on/off the Internet: (Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt, Vol. 1:Homeland)
38:13 Talkin’ Bout Films (Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead)

EP055 – I Needed Grackle Money

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Ryan continues to bring the anime bullshit and Kyle can’t stop yawning. Brendan remains dead—or DOES he?

No one can figure out metric.


9:01: We Play Games We Go Hard (Wolfenstein: The New Order)
19:28: Talkin’ Bout Films (REDLINE)
31:12: Grab Bag (Ryan’s Bullshit Manga of the Week)
35:59: Comics on the Internet (The Sleep of Reason)
50:58: Comics on the Internet (Emily Carroll’s When the Darkness Presses)

EP 053 – More Dogs

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Kyle and Brendan saw Chikara live and have nothing but awesome things to say.  Ryan shoehorns in more of his weird anime BS and Brendan’s not happy about it. There’s another dog in the studio.


6:32 Wrasslin’ Wrundown (Chikara: Storming the Castle)

24:38 Comics Off The Internet (Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand)

37:38 Ryan and Kyle’s Kawaii Korner (Porco Rosso, Colorless, Evangelion, Anime Bullshit)

46:46 Making Comics

EP 052 – Anniversary


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The show has been around for a year, and the boys celebrate by reminiscing, watching cowboy samurai, and spilling beer all over the goddamn place.


7:16 Two Doubles

9:50 Wrasslin Wrundown (WWE Battleground 2015)

26:19 Comics On The Internet (Broodhollow)

37:31 Talkin’ Bout Films (A Fistful of Dollars, Yojimbo)

53:21 Grab Bag (Metal Gear Solid, Ascension, Final Fantasy 8)