It wasn’t always pretty, but it was ours.

So I used to be the Comics Editor at Uconn’s student run newspaper , The Daily Campus (Fall 2011 and Spring 2012).  It was an extremely formative position for me, and I think it’s safe to say that Hell To Breakfast wouldn’t exist without the Daily Campus Comics page.

I took a trip down memory lane the other day and checked The Daily Campus to see what was going on on the new comics page.  Imagine my surprise when I found it no longer exists.  This most influential and meaningful of positions to me no longer exists.  It’s just gone.  I’m jarred.

Fellow Uconn Alum Sean Rose wrote an excellent letter on the subject that you should read if you want more info.  Some wonderful folks and I have also written in to the paper, and we’ve all received a very formulaic response.  Still, if this is something that  matters to you, I encourage you to write in as well.  

Comic artists don’t have a whole lot of places to “practice” where they will be ensured an audience of any size, so this is a heavy loss.